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MacOSX – Caps Lock To Switch Language Input


In case you use the latest MacOSX, 10.12, The Keyboard settings, Input Sources, has an option to quickly switch between the default language input and for example the Tibetan Wylie input by a quick click on the Caps Lock key.


The Beauty of Simple Text Files

Manjushri-2There are so many options concerning saving Tibetan material on a computer. Today  Tibetan Unicode encoding is available on all major platforms so the issue of saving Tibetan in a good long term text format is solved.

Now focus is important as a writer or translator. If there are distractions, then the work will be delayed.  A good example is thinking about layout and formatting. This should be a separate process after the translation is done.

Also if a specific document format is used then long term it’s not sure if the format survives with companies and software packages that are no longer around. But plain text will most likely survive for a very long time.

So the recommendation is to use plain text files using UTF-8 encoding. This means that you could use any good editor for the translation work and import the material to other layout programs. It is also very easy to export this to web pages and other databases.  Computer  searches on your computer will also be easy across multiple files. Finally it makes it possible for you to find the editor that you like. My preferred editor today is Atom, more about that later.